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Paperless Office
Attention "Paperless Office" Seekers!
By popular demand, InfiniTek is now making generally available an add-on solution within NAV which was developed in-house: the innovative ScanDirect PlusTM.  This product dramatically assists your clients in pursuit of the Holy Grail of the "Paperless Office." It is relatively easy to implement, there is no learning curve, and there is potential for great savings of time and $$$.  Now, users can consolidate varied resources into one NAV location on the server.

Benefits of the "ScanDirect Plus" Module
  • Links external files, documents and URL's to NAV forms
  • Automated creation of buttons and objects on NAV forms
  • Delete, rename or open linked external files while remaining within NAV
  • Scans external documents directly into NAV form and auto-links them
  • Works with prior NAV versions 3.xx and 4.xx and 5.xx
  • Visual at-a-glance indications of attached files or links (push-pin, paper clips)
  • Auto-prints documents associated with NAV forms, e.g. Spec Sheets, User Manuals, Terms and Conditions, MSPS requirements, Purchase Orders

What about the "Plus"?
The document linking feature was developed previous to NAV Version 5.0, which includes rudimentary document-linking capabilities.  But ScanDirect PlusTM is much more robust:
  • Visual indication of linked files or red-flagged indication of "broken links"
  • No need to go out and search for files, which NAV 5.0 requires
  • A "Scan" button which retrieves and attaches scanned documents
  • The ability to create library classifications for document types
  • Many additional process automation enhancements which NAV 5.0 lacks

Who Needs "ScanDirect Plus"?
  • Organizations who have periodic audits can retrieve from a single NAV form
  • Organizations with large volumes of paper-handling: invoices, receipts, faxes
  • Organizations billing clients for time and expenses can aggregate within NAV
  • Organizations with repetitive requirements for linked document printing
  • Organizations desiring to store everything in one place: NAV forms
  • Organizations moving toward process automation and "paperless" data
  • Organizations with remote offices/partners who need easy access to their data
What Clients are Saying about the "ScanDirect" Add-on Module

Case Study: Orange Coast Title Company (OCT), HQ, Santa Ana, California

OCT is among the nation's largest underwriting title companies with over 1,000 employees in 88 offices. The HQ staff is responsible for archiving data from 27 companies in seven states.This is how Valsa Jacob, VP/Controller, describes the process before ScanDirect Plus:

"The process was very manpower-intensive, taking up a lot of time and $$$. There was a tremendous amount of filing of check stubs, invoices, etc. In fact, there was one person on the payroll who did nothing else but filing. And, of course, all of this paper had to be boxed and labeled, bar-coded and hauled off to a special facility filled with filing cabinets where Federal and State policies required that they be kept for seven years. The information was definitely not at your fingertips at all. This was for all 27 companies!

And there were mistakes in filing. Someone had to drive over to the storage facility and start digging through boxes. It was like a blind man looking for a black cat in a dark room, which isn't even there!"

And now?

"Well, that person dedicated to filing is no longer on the payroll. We have realized substantial savings by not investing in paper, toner, printers, binders, cabinets, labels, storage, trucks. And the information we need is now instantly available at our fingertips “ no more than three clicks away! All processors now have scanners next to their computers and the paper is now shredded! Needless to say, we are all very happy with this solution!

And from Mary Ann Stenske, Corporate Accounts Payable:

"In the long run, this new system has just been wonderful! Looking things up is now right at your fingertips. The system was very easy to learn, so there was no learning curve. No more trips to storage to pull a file  if you can find it! Another great feature of the new system is that remote offices also have the capacity to access our Navision software directly for their data retrieval, so the HQ staff no longer needs to get involved.We don't have to FAX things to them anymore. It is hard to imagine ever going back to the old way of doing things!"

For further information or to set up a live demo on the product please contact Jim Reed at  626-696-1078  626-696-1078 or


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