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A Message from the President, 2010

This year has proceeded at a dizzying clip for InfiniTek! The year began with the company faithfully tending to our NAV customers with NAV as our flagship offering and only software solution.  Since that time we have boldly made our move toward becoming a company who offers our clients complete financial and accounting services (1) adding  a robust Human Resources/Payroll solution, which has been honed to work seamlessly with NAV;  (2) Finished upgrading a secure hosting environment in anticipation of the Virtualization boom; (3) launched a NAV add-on product, ScanDirect Plus, a paperless office option both domestically and in Europe.


Through it all, we have tried to stay focused on what has allowed InfiniTek to flourish: the attentive "personal touch" and outstanding customer service to our installed client base.

Someone recently asked me personally "Just what is it that you do, exactly?"  Not an easy question! This was my reply: "I inspire my people to do the best job they possibly can, and to aspire to the highest standard of quality and commitment to our clients. I inspire them to really care about the customer!"

We look forward to listening to your story, learning your needs and adding value to your operation in the months and weeks to come.


Mary Lynn Williams, CEO
InfiniTek Corporation